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Members Area

SAFP Member Directory


This is the SAFP Member Directory. Click here to view, search, and explore all the many great things that SAFP members are all about. You can also fill out a form to be added to member directory to share your expertise, experience, and knowledge about psychology and the Air Force.

SAFP Member Forum


This is the SAFP online Forum area. Check out the forums to ask a question, request a consult, strike up a conversation, and share anything pertinent to the members and mission of the SAFP.

SAFP Listserv


This is the SAFP Member Listserv area. Search the Listserv archives, request assistance with Listserv problems, apply for access to the Listserv, and manage your Listserv settings.

The Air Force Psychologist Archives


Access the entire archive of past SAFP newsletters from the past several years and collections going back into the inception of SAFP in the 1970s.

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